Benefits Of Lithium Powered UPS

February 5, 2024 by CyberPower

Up to three times the lifespan of conventional battery backups

High-powered businesses demand low-maintenance protection
IT managers know today’s mission critical business and IT environments demand longer-lasting power protection with less maintenance. They want backup batteries that are lighter weight, offer longer runtimes, faster recharges, and require less maintenance than conventional UPS systems. Lithium-powered UPS batteries address all these challenges.

But at what cost?

While lithium batteries have a higher upfront cost, IT professionals that manage power in certain environments such as networking closets, server rooms, and data centers, may be able to justify the investment because of a longer product lifespan and lower maintenance. We’ll explain in the following section.

CyberPower UPS Systems with lithium-powered batteries

Lithium vs conventional battery UPS systems
Lithium iron, or LiFePO4, is known as the safest, most stable, and most reliable lithium battery chemistry. CyberPower offers lithium-powered UPS systems in 1500 VA and 3000 VA capacities.

Compared to conventional UPS systems, CyberPower Smart App Sinewave Lithium models offer the following benefits:

Longer Runtimes

Lithium-powered UPS systems provide longer runtimes for connected devices, offering prolonged power protection during power events.

Lighter Weight

Lithium-powered UPS systems tend to be up to 14.6% lighter than conventional UPS systems, making them easier to install and relocate.

Less Maintenance

With two-to-three times the lifespan of conventional UPS system batteries, they don’t have to be changed as often thus requiring less maintenance.

5-Year Warranty

An industry-leading 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

Longer life = Lower cost
Lithium battery-powered UPS systems typically have double the battery life of conventional UPS systems, lasting 8-10 years on average. This can lead to a lower overall cost of ownership compared to traditional UPS systems.

When you need a UPS system or have a question about the operation of your UPS system, CyberPower is your ultimate ally in power and provides solutions to all your power protection needs.

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