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Recent work

A revolutionary social networking platform for job seekers and providers

An outstanding automation tool for easy report generation and analytics

A unique Platform for Work providers to find Workforce members and vice versa.

Subscription-based multi-vendor marketplace

Unique social media platform for pet lovers

An amazing social media platform for Gemstone Trading

SaaS web application development for automated home hosting and renting.

An eCommerce app to facilitate on-demand fuel delivery

Custom-made Enterprise App for Web and Mobile Platforms

eCommerce Marketplace for Buying and Selling Seafood and Pets

A mobile app to book makeup artists in your city for your event

CRM for the client's customer relationship management needs per the modern system of affairs

Mobile App for Quick and Secure On-demand Deliveries

e-Learning App for Teachers and Students

Package Protection and Tracking Services for eCommerce Merchants

An eCommerce platform to provide convenient health checkups at home

Driving Academy app for Instructors and Students

Healthcare Platform for Users to Avail Medical Services and Jobs

An eCommerce platform to buy customized business cards and accessories

An online job portal where employers meet job seekers

IoT product developed for a leading fleet company

User-friendly website designed & developed for a fashion company

Quotation platform integration in a leading law firm’s website

Customized Mobile App for Meditation Box Booking

An AR project allowing 3D visualization of any tangible product.

An enterprise blockchain designed for the global legal industry

Innovative online solution for secure legal services

An online marketplace for attorneys to work on unresolved cases in the US.

Website and app developed to support an online community of artists.

App design and development for celebrities to meet their true fans.

A responsive website developed to promote particulars of renowned Belgian actress.

An eCommerce platform where users can buy latest mobile accessories.

Frontend development using serverless technologies to help users manage their online accounts.

Website creation using WordPress framework for part-time workers.

Web platform developed for tracking the spread of diseases

Collaborative polling app for easy decision-making

An intriguing dating app for building personal and professional connections

Innovative Dating App To Find Your True Soulmate

Visionary App For Automated Maintenance And Boat Community Engagement

An Advanced IoT-Based Tank Level Monitoring System

An Ingeniously Modern Car Wash Scheduling Platform

A Modernistic Business Platform For Custom Artwork Printing

An ultra-modern and innovative eCommerce marketplace for large shipments

An exceptionally informative platform for Bull auctions and ranchers

A unique healthcare apps recommendation platform

An Incredible review and ratings platform for rental agreements

Highly Utilitarian Judiciary Platform for Attorneys and Law Firms

An enriching e-learning platform for online training programs and classes

Dam Water Management Automation using IoT

Smart Home Management platform for users to access their smart devices

Ingenious betting app for sports enthusiasts

An exceptional eCommerce platform making educational evaluation easier and informative

An advanced and extraordinary app designed to add love and light to human lives.

Innovative Activity Tracking App for Personal Growth

A customized eCommerce platform for handmade soaps and other luxury products

An outstanding live video streaming application with a built-in marketplace

An advanced IoT-based system for car sharing and easy parking

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