Your customers are buying performance

Whether you're offering telephone services, television programming, cable services, or managed IT and network services, you know your customers care about performance — in the products or services you offer and in the customer services that back them up. And you know that what can often separate you from your competition is a few seconds of wait time, or the success rate of a transaction.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform gives you the visibility, tools, and insight not only to see how your applications are performing, but to know how to enhance the end-user experience — in real time, on any device or browser, wherever they are located, and however they're connected. And the AppDynamics “as a service” option means you're up and running quickly, and delivering the benefits of offering Application Intelligence to your customers without being distracted from your core business.

See what matters to performance in real time

Gain visibility into transactions and everything that's behind them, from front-end browser issues in your self-service portal to code execution bottlenecks to database problems or anything else that's interfering with performance.

Make decisions based on real intelligence

Everything you need to know to make good decisions is right there in your applications — the operational, business, and end-user intelligence — but only the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform can extract it and deliver it to you in actionable form.

Let our platform do the work

Run diagnostics, identify and respond instantly to incidents, adjust capacity — the Application Intelligence Platform has the automation capability to handle it all.

Leverage mobile and web end user experience management

to understand your audience demographics. See the devices, browsers, and operating systems your customers are using to interact with your business.

"With AppDynamics, we are able to see and experience the same thing as agents in our retail shops and customers on our website. It’s mission critical for us to have this visibility into the user experience. "

Torben Frølund
Senior Manager of Offshore Development, Telenor



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The telco and media industry continues to undergo major disruption and consolidation.

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